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I would like you both to know that last Friday (17th November) Di Spearpoint came to Barnes Wallis Court and cooked some 39 Residents a Fish and Chip evening.

Both Kim and I thought we should let you know that all of our Residents and the 12 that also attended from Laurel Grange left at the end of the service very satisfied thanks to Di’s well prepared food.

This is what I call “Partnering for Success”.

I hope you will pass on our thanks to Di for the wonderful evening. I understand you have any internal recognition process, we would like to put her forward as a candidate for some form of recognition.

I’m writing to pass along my thanks and appreciation for the kitchen staff at Nelson Court who catered a lovely afternoon tea party yesterday for my mother, Shirley Tavener on the occasion of her 85th birthday.

Living in the USA, everything was arranged long-distance with Matina and Hayden. As usual, they couldn’t have been more accommodating. Although it was Hayden’s weekend off, he had everything organised for his ‘stand-in’ chef, Jason, to prepare. I met with Jason and he was clearly on top of things and was also great fun to work with.

We had three additional guests for lunch on Sunday too, and the roast lunch was outstanding. I wish I had access to a restaurant like Mum’s – I’d never cook again!

I would like to add special thanks to Barbara who agreed to work during the party and stayed to clear up afterwards. We were delighted with her as always. She helped during my father’s wake last September so we already knew that she was a gem – so smiling and caring and hard-working.

The party was held in the dining room and I reckon we had over 50 people there, half from Nelson Court and half family and friends. Mum had a lovely time and I consider it all a big success.

I feel very grateful that Mum lives in such a wonderful, caring community. She has many dear friends here and I know that she appreciates all the staff and the genuine commitment and dedication they bring to their work. Congratulations on your excellent team!

I’m a very happy parent of two children at Burlington Infant & Nursery School in New Malden. Both of my children have been known to be “fussy eaters” anywhere and everywhere but I must say, they have both improved greatly after starting school lunches. I love your menus and your entire approach to healthy eating.

I was pleased to hear that you now provide scaled-down family size recipes of your most popular school lunches which means, as a parent, I can build on my children’s eating successes at home! The number of times my child has said “I like the school lasagne (or chicken curry) but not yours”, well that’ll be a thing of the past now. You’ve definitely helped me ensure my children get the right nutrients, at school and at home!

I must say how impressed I was recently by your quick thinking and compassionate Radish team. As usual, a morning of preparation was well underway by the Chef and his team. At 11am the Chef suddenly came down ill and had to leave urgently.

As we look after such a vulnerable age group, it is vital that illness is controlled and restricted to ensure all of our residents remain in the best health possible. With the food potentially contaminated, the remaining Radish team made the executive decision not to serve the food. With not enough time to prepare the menu for the numbers, the team decided to treat our residents to fish & chips from round the corner.

All of the residents were thrilled with their treat and were all very grateful for the honesty and genuine concern for their wellness.

We just wanted to drop you a quick email to say a huge ‘thank you’ for all of your help and hard work at Saturday’s Open Day. We estimate to have met around 1,300 guests in attendance and the feedback that we have received so far has been extremely positive.

Without your generous and passionate support, none of this would be possible, so thanks again as your input is invaluable and greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much for your help in the catering arrangements for the Council Day today. The food was excellent, well presented, nutritious and tasty. All your efforts, I know from various comments given to me, were appreciated by all who attended. Your contribution played an important part in the day’s proceedings and to its success.

Thank you also for all your work in getting the various refreshments and buffet in place at the agreed times. You made it seem effortless but I know how hard you must have worked to achieve such a positive result, and I am sorry that I could not get down earlier today to thank you in person.

Leaving You Feeling Satisfied.

If you have something you would like to share with us, we are all ears.

We are continually working to improve our food, services and ultimately the dining experience our customers receive. To ensure we achieve this we need your feedback.

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Here at Radish, our success is built upon engagement and dialogue with our clients, working together to create changing menus and flexible options, shape marketing campaigns and drive buy-in and support.

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Talk to Us Today.

Here at Radish, our success is built upon engagement and dialogue with our clients, working together to create changing menus and flexible options, shape marketing campaigns and drive buy-in and support.

Get in touch with us to find out more.