The new school year marks a fresh new look for many of our secondary schools, which we recently debuted at Campion secondary school in Northamptonshire. The bright and open restaurant is a wonderful setting for our vibrant new colours and menu.

The new look came together after researching the preferences of the secondary school demographic. It takes inspiration from the popular ‘rustic’ look found in many independent coffee shops and wholefood chains, with additional colour to mirror the vibrancy and creativity offered by the Radish menu.

Our secondary schools will enjoy a revamped full 3-week menu cycle of delicious meals, catering to every taste. Each day, there will be a hot main and veggie main, sides, handheld hot food such as pizza slices and wraps, soup and pasta options, and a sweet treat. The new look is already set to feature in six secondary schools this year, and the new menu will be released at the start of 2020.

New menus

The new menus were specifically designed to cater to all tastes and needs whilst ensuring every student has access to delicious, filling, and healthy food. The main meals offered can be made into a real feast with a variety of sides to choose from. Hot hand-held offerings such as samosas, paninis, pizzas, and sausage rolls are a great alternative for who don’t want a full hot meal every day. A Simply Free meal, free from all allergens, will be on offer each day as an alternative to the main and veggie meals.

Our sixth form menu option also takes inspiration from popular food offerings on the high street to encourage students to opt for the healthier and just as delicious in-school option rather than leaving the school for fast-food. Varied and tasty food is key to inspiring students to make healthy choices, bringing the refit and menu back to our It’s all good vision.



Added value

At Radish, we are always looking for ways to create added value for our clients. We educate students and parents alike and celebrate the power and potential of good food. Smoothie bike and ‘Wealth by Health’ sessions have proved highly popular in the past. We plan to expand on this educational commitment through parent engagement, work experience, a student survival guide, and themed calendar events throughout the year including Bonfire Night, Veganuary, Healthy Heart Valentines, to name but a few. We have hosted taster sessions and cookery masterclasses in our primary sector with great success and these will also be brought to secondary schools.

We are delighted to put good food back at the heart of school health and community, and to inspire a new generation to enjoy delicious, healthy meals.